More Help Needed

We appreciate your ongoing help and support and to help us give the campaign further momentum the campaign we urge you to send an email directly to the minister to support our work. Click here to open an email addressed directly to the ministers. We have also created suggested text for you to copy into your email.  

Other ways you can help !

1. Post on your own Social Media channels 

  • Retweet or post URL's of recent articles on SOS on your social media account(s) and share within your own circles to help raise and sustain awareness of the issue within your own circles on an ongoing basis. The article links are listed below.

2. File a complaint

  • Details of how and where to make an environmental or pollution complaint are here.
  • If you’ do complain to your local authority and are not happy that they have dealt with it satisfactorily, escalate it to the EPA as per link above. 

3. Write to your local TD

  • Send a short email to your local TD expressing your concern and demanding action on the issue. Below is a list of emails of all Dublin based TD’s so you can make direct contact.
  • Feel free to include links to the articles with your email.